We hope you find this page useful for entering into some new worship areas with some sheetmusic also!


1 - Great source of Messianic sheet Music: http://messianicchords.com/home/songs

2 - Find the TOP 100 Praise and Worship songs on CCLI here: CCLI

3 -  Find out relatede songs from CCLI that are hot on Praise Charts PRAISE!

4 - Mic down songs on the web from WMV to mp3 and more! http://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/cloud-converter

5 - Youtube has many good playlists and this list is our favourite where you can hear some of the songs we sing:  Great playlist!

6 - TOP 70 Messinic Songs  TOP MESS!

7 - Get CD downloads from CDBABY! CDBABY!

8 - Some Ted Pearce songs from his site! Ted's music

10 - New music from Jamie Hillsden& MIQEDEM - help spport them and buy their music! MIQEDEM

11 - Good Messianic music is streamed CHAVA for your enjoyment

12 - Other good source of music: Guitar Instructor

13 - Sons of Korah Playlist - KORAH


1. The Restoration Of Israel by Joel Chernoff

      This CD has a lot songs we love and we use: Jew and Gentile, No Weapon Formed Against You, Brethren, My hearts desire 

Come Dance with Me by Joel Chernoff

Come Dance With Me  This CD has new songs by Joel - great worshipful and strong songs. We do Baruch Adonai, Yeshua and am working on others from this CD. This site points to the 'Lamb' website which has a great collection of Messianic songs too - feel free to hear some of the songs too.


2. Sar Shalom by Karen Davis

     This set of songs by Karen Davis came from the Lord after various tragedies that happened in Israel such as bus bombings and other terrorist attacks. There are many special songs on this CD but we play: I Will lift My Eyes and we are working on learning some new ones from here - this is one of our favourite CDs to listen to also - very well produced. This was recorded in Israel - well produced.

3. Garments of Praise by Kathy Shooster

    This CD contains songs from Kathy Shooster who attends Beth Yeshua Messianic Synagogue in Philadelphia. She has come out with other great worship songs on other CDs and even though this is only one, from her website, she has other CDs worth purchasing too.

4. The Watchman by Paul Wilbur

   This latest by Paul Wilbur recorded in John Hagge/s church in Texas, has a lot of exciting worship songs: we Do The Watchman, Holy, Holy, Holy, We Cry Holy. Lord God of Abraham and am working on Adonai

  This earlier CD by Paul Wilbur has many hits we use: Shalom Jerusalem(one of our favorites), Shouts of Joy, Roni Roni and many others - this is a must to start your library with!

5. Gallery by Jonathan Settel

  This CD is a great starter CD for your collection by Jonathan Settel - we play it on Shabbat morning! We use Shabbat Shalom,  Shaalu Shalom Yerushlayim, Hineh MaTov, Hevenu Shalom Alechem to mention a few. This has a very nice second CD. His website has many other CDs he recorded from Israel.

6 We Delight by Stephen McConnel

album cover  This CD has some awesome songs too: we do We Delight, Adonai Yimloch, Vaiykra Shomo, Blessed is Adonai and others too and we're trying to learn a couple more. 

6. The Feast of Tabernacles - Chuck King

Taken from Sukkot worship held in Jerusalem last year, Some really nice songs like 'These Hands'..

These are  only some of our CDs! This is a new page so please check back as we will be updating this site on a weekly basis!