This page contains URL's of programs, videos and books that highlight the power of God to change lives and bring reconciliation (One New Man) and background information videos to current events - these may change without notice...we will do our best to keep them up-to-date...

See 50 Years War for Israel history towards the bottom of the page!

1. *New* - Oldest known Proto-Hebrew Scvripture found by ABR Team here!

2. The new 3 part series from PBS by 'Ken Burns' on the Holocaust here(while it lasts and only U.S. VPN based):

 Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

4. Is Genesis History - great history on creation: here!

3. 60 Minutes You Tube Show in 2 Parts - RE 16 million Records held in Storage in Germany!

Part 1:
Part 2:

4.  Five great series of videos on YouTube(Adullam Pictures):

      Lamp in the Dark: 

     Tares in the Wheat:

     Secret Mysteries Of America(Parts 1, 2 and 3):

5. Nice overview of the Jewish Feasts by Pastor Mark Biltz here!   

6. Find out about the Arab Uprising that happened in 1937-1945:

7. Real mount SInai with the Caldwells: part 1   or   Early interview

8. Mt. Zion Studies!: Dr. David Reagan ;   Judeo-Christian Mount-Zion

9. Hanukkah items: readings each day, Chanukah Songs

10. Where are the 10 Lost Tribes?  This video is thought provoking: here

11. Watch many PBS Frontline shows here:

12. JR Church & Gary Stearman:  The Bloodline of the A/C from Daniel: Part 1:   Part 2:

13. Quest for the Real Paul - very interesting views on Paul:

14.  Learn about the importance of San Remo: select here!

15. Hanukkah Arutz 7 episodes:Playlist  

16.  Holocaust Collection of Movies-YouTube:

17. Underground Archeolgy - new series of shows ...

18. True Legends - Great Series (you may have to purchase)! Part 1    Part 2    

19. 24 Part Archaeology Series from YouTUbe:

20. Sue Thomas FBEYE 200 shows: 56 YouTUBE videos

21. Story of Robert W. Sherwood - and the Levies:

22. PBS: The Fifty Years War - The Jews and Arabs. This was made around 2000 and is still a good history to start with...

Part 1:

Part 2:


Updates can come up at anytime so please check back often..