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1. What Happened to the Jerusalem Council Leaders? Who was Marcus?
Find out what happenned to all of the Jerusalem council leaders and what happened after the fall of Jerusalem in 135 AD? And how did the worship change or remain the same?

2. Read about Marcion who in the 2nd century contributed more to confusion in the Scriptures  &

3. Jews and the later Roman Law 315-513 CE
This URL records laws enacted with the agreement of the early church renouncing the Jewish people.

4. 1st Council of Nicaea(Legislated change from Pesach to Easter, Jews) 325 CE
This is from Wikipedia and gives a good overview without letting you see the actual text. It discusses the first departure for the early church away from the Biblical holiday of Passover(Pesach) to give it up for 'easter'.

5. The First Council of Nicea(portions of original documents) 325 CE 
This is a sub-section of the actual text of the Nicea document. Review sections: Canon LII, [54], [55] and on 'the keeping of easter'. Easter became a holiday of 'convenience' the early church started which started the church against the Jewish people which  became a basis for later church anti-semitism. You can do a search(<CRTL> F) and search for 'Jew' to find the related texts.

5A.What happenned in the Counsel held in Trullo? lots of bad things in 692 CE...
Look at the following items in this document for what hapenned: Canons->TBD

6. 2nd Council of Nicaea(Restoration of honoring of ICONS) 787 CE
This document outlines the early church and it's adoption of 'idols' of worship. Question - do the 10 commandments still apply?  

 7.  What is this talk about 'ProtoPachites'?  Find out what happened to believers and         Pesach with Constantine - very interesting lost puzzle piecies!

      Another 'ProtoPachite article' -  here  taslks about the controversy..

      Along the same lines as the ProtoPachites is  now called Quartrodecimanisam here!

8. Martin Luther - The Jews and Their Lies 1483-1546 CE(2 articles)
a) This article  in Wikipedia is very important to understand about Martin Luther - he ran his race very well at the beginning but then he deteriorated at the end of his race(Gal.5:7 - It isn't how you run the race that counts but how you end the race).

b) This Wikipedia article Martin Luther and Anti-Semitism gives more crucial background.

c) Exerpts from the 'Jews and their Lies' - Luther was very anti-semetic:  LIES

d) Luther on the book of 'James' -  being a book of straw - another doctrinal error StrawBook?

ALso, more background infomration is here

9. Easter or the Feast of Un-Leavened Bread?
Check this out to give a more Biblical approach to the time around Yeshua's death and Resurrection!

10. Good Friday is a Myth!
Want to hear something cool and really line up with the Biblical days for Yeshua's Passion AND Pesach? Read this article from Roy A. Reinhold:

Part 2 deals with objections:

11. The Day Jesus Died & His Birth - 2 IMPORTANT articles
This article by Chuck Missler also talks on a Wednesday Cruxifiction:

This article discussed when Yeshua died - Yom Teurah (Rosh HaShana) 3BC  here

To add to this information, the 'Star of Bethlehem Documentary(2007, Rick Larsen)' movie discussed the start of the retrograde inversion of the Bethlehem star on Rosh HaShana(Yeshua's birth) 3BC  ending on Dec 25th 3BC.

12. What about Passover? The Church has said a few things about why should not have lamb which is wrong... the following article sheds light for us about how everyone can celebrate Seders with Jews in Judaism:

13. 2 remarkable URLs about Mses: The Pharaoh of Egypt at the time of Moses and the Exodus:  here! and 'Sentimet was Moses' here!  Interesting articles!


1. Jesus Tomb Controversy - now!
This is an Adobe Acrobat document and needs to be downloaded by 'right mouse clicking' on the URL, then select the 'Save target as' line and save the article to your computer, then your computer will prompt you to 'open it' and you can read it or print it out. Randall Price(a noted archeologist) gives a helpful insight to this latest archeological forgery.

2. Pope Benedict Approves New Text Condemning Churches other than Catholic
Please review this article for yourself and pray about it! 

3. Want to see some history of the Temple Mount with pictures that no one talks about now?


 1. 48 Hours of Kristallnacht - Night of Destruction/Dawn of Holocaust - An Oral History
     Mitchell G. Bard, Ph.D. @ 2008

A very unique book that takes you through accounts given by various Holocaust survivors about their experience through this aweful night of killing and barbarism.

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