This page contains URL's of programs, videos and books that highlight the power of God to change lives and bring reconciliation (One New Man) and background information videos to current events - these may change without notice...

Videos are at the bottom of the page! See 50 Years War and Galilee Videos!

** Ground Breaking from CUFI: 10 Archaeolgy reasons for Jerusalem - awesome! Part 1.  Part 2.

1. Gail Mays - great items! Gail Mays 


2. Mini-History of Israeli conflict
This short video clip outlines the history of Israel and it's Arab neighbors - this is a must see for everyone to understand and remember the facts of the birth of Israel:

2. Walid Shoebat Palestinian Zionist 
This is an amazing video that outlines how Yeshua can change a terrorist's heart.    Part 1    Part 2 

Muslim Anti-Christ - interesting view:

3 . Zacharia Anani - "Our Friend the Terrorist"
This is another example of how belief in Yeshua  can bring reconciliation to God and fellow man. This is truly a miracle - a sign and a wonder in the Middle East!  Part 1  Part 2

4. Sid Roth - 'Sharing Yeshua' 
A great video for sharing Yeshua(Jesus)! Very good foundational video - it gives a short history of the Jewish people too - must see!.

5. CBC 'Holocaust by Bullets'  
New evidence of holocaust un-covered by CBC...

6. 60 Minutes You Tube Show in 2 Parts - RE 16 million Records held in Storage in Germany!

Part 1:

Part 2:

7. A Woman Rides the Beast - by Dave Hunt

8. Petrus Romanus - Great conference video highlighting aspects of the book by Cris Putnam and Thomas Horn.

9. Sid Roth with guest Steve Hill - Discussing a crucial vision he received RE: End Times...

10. Pastor Mark Biltz & Dr. Susanna Kokkonen. Dr. Susanna is the Director of the Christian Friends of Yad Vashem and discussed 'The steps to go from hatred to murder' which is still applicable in today's times.

11.  Five great series of videos on YouTube(Adullam Pictures):

Lamp in the Dark: 

Tares in the Wheat:

         Secret Mysteries Of America(Parts 1, 2 and 3):


12. Transhumanism by Tom Horn:

         1. BeastTech Zenith 2016 -

13.   Nephalim Stargates - Tom Horn:

14. Enoch and the Ancients by Tom Horn:

15. Chuck Missler:

           A. The Magog Invasion - An Alternate View (Integrates Psalm 83)

          1. Part 1:

           2. Part 2:

            B. Genesis & the 6 days of Creation:

            1. Genesis: Chpt. 1 - Introduction

             2. Genesis: Chpt. 6 - Days of Noah 

             3. Genesis: Chpt. 11 - Tower of Babel 

             4. 6 Days of Creation with Zola & Gerald Schroeder and          
                 also buy his books too!

              C. Olivet Discourse:

               D, Books of Peter (playlist - HD): Books of Peter

16. A Critique on the Book of Enoch by Gary S, and J.R. Church :

       a.  Full reading of the Book of Enoch(line by line): 

17. Find out about the Arab Uprising that happened in 1937-1945:

18. Story of Robert W. Sherwood - and the Levies:

19. The new ' Jew-Bashing' - alarming video in 4 parts showing this new 'Jew Bashing' anti-semtism seemingly rampid in the world today...: select here

20. Real mount SInai with the Caldwells: part 1   or   Early interview

21. Mt. Zion Studies!: Dr. David Reagan ;   Judeo-Christian Mount-Zion

22. Hanukkah items: readings each day, Good Cartoon, Chanukah Songs

23.  New Hanukkah Teaching from Pastor Mark Biltz: here it is!

24. Times of the gentiles are over!

25. Watch many PBS Frontline shows here:

26. JR Church & Gary Stearman:  The Bloodline of the A/C from Daniel: Part 1:   Part 2:

27. Quest for the Real Paul - very interesting views on Paul:

28 This is interesting: Jonathan Cahn talks about secret Israelis - what does this mean???  Short Vimeo - Audio Only

29.  Learn about the importance of San Remo: select here!

30. Movies to watch: Luke ;   full length                                              jesus of nazareth ;  john ; Mathew  book of acts giants  jonathan kahn rapture


32. Hanukkah Arutz 7 episodes: Hanukkah PlayList  Pt.8   Destruction and Rebellion

33. Unseen Realm with Michael S, Heiser:

34.  Holocaust Collection of Movies-YouTube:

35. CBN VIDEOS RE Israel - very good History: ; or - see this link for all 10 shows!

36. Underground Archeolgy - new series of shows ...

37.   True Legends - Great Series! Part 1    Part 2    

38. 24 Part Archaeology Series from YouTUbe:

39. Mike Hoogard :

40. Sue Thomas FBEYE 200 shows: 200 YouTUBE videos

41. Dr. Michael Lake: Kingdom Teaching 8 parts 

42. Fox News Scandalous: 4 Hr Fox SHow


Here is a great collection of videos that gives you a  background on the history of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs:

1.  PBS: The Fifty Years War - The Jews and Arabs. This was made around 2000 and is still a good history to start with...


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